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Our services are designed to provide one stop support from planning to implementation for nonprofit organizations desiring to explore alternative strategies to grow and improve organizational efficiency and sustainability while enhancing programs and service.

We offer the following services to facilitate the collaboration process:

Strategic Planning & Analysis

Hudson Consulting works with clients to educate, advise and prepare clients to explore restructuring options. This service includes feasibility analysis.

  • Advise nonprofit managers and boards with regard to alternative organizational structures and strategic restructurings/collaborations, which help nonprofits accomplish their missions and realize their strategic visions.
  • Feasibility analysis that looks at the feasibility of restructuring alternatives.
  • Strategic planning assistance, feasibility analysis and restructuring analysis that inform collaboration discussions.
  • Business Plan development to include strategic restructuring as part of long-term goals.
  • Identify and vet potential nonprofit partners with like missions, objectives, synergistic programs and service areas, similar organizational cultures, and other complementary elements that contribute to successful collaborations.
  • Advise and design with client the specific type of restructured entity that meets the need of the nonprofits.

Transaction Financing

Our firm facilitates transaction financing by identifying funding sources, and assist with application submission and funding negotiations in order to acquire the funds needed for restructuring. We also work to educate funders concerning the social impact of strategic restructurings and develop new sources of funding. Specifically, we do the following:

  • Consult with funders concerning strategic restructurings.
  • Identify potential funders, including non-traditional funding sources.
  • Solicit and negotiate funding to cover feasibility analysis and restructuring implementation costs.
  • Prepare application and/or funding prospectus in consultation with client.
  • Manage application/solicitation process, including communication with funder, responses to funding questions and submission of additional documentation.

Restructure Implementation

We work with clients to implement restructuring transactions.

  • Guide and manage the collaboration process, including nonprofit staff liaisons and boards as well as outside counsel, accountants, and other specialists as needed. Communication with staff, funders, constituents and communities in conjunction with organization management.
  • Restructuring due diligence, including creation of an organizational profile for each collaborating organization, stakeholder interviews, as well as a review of organizational documents, policies and procedures, operational structure, finances and governance provided in a narrative report.
  • Manage collaboration closing.
  • Manage public announcements of transaction.

Transition Management

Hudson Consulting helps clients manage the transition process to insure cultural fit, realization of restructuring benefits and implementation of evaluation tools.

  • Consult and assist Nonprofit Organizations with transition management, including senior management consulting, board briefings, staff counseling, board and staff training, and communications with community.
  • Assist with development and implementation of evaluation tools to monitor realization of restructuring benefits.

Restructuring Research

Strategic Restructuring is the process of collaboration with another entity as a strategy to accomplish one or more of the following outcomes: improve organizational efficiency and management, external growth, expand geographic reach and enhance organizational sustainability.

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